False and misleading information is rampant online, and people lack the skills and motivation to determine what to trust. To build the next generation of informed citizens, we need to adopt new ways to teach digital media literacy and source evaluation.

CIVIX has a solution

Named for the keyboard shortcut for ‘find,’ the CTRL-F digital media literacy program equips students with the habits and skills they need to find and evaluate online information, and to determine what to trust.

Online Search Skills

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The CTRL-F Online Search Skills lessons teach students how to effectively use search engines and assess search results to find relevant and reliable information.

Lessons feature games, videos, and activities that are ideal for students in grades 4 to 8, or for anyone who needs a refresher on some of the fundamentals.

Verification Skills

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The CTRL-F Verification Skills lessons help students learn to evaluate online sources and claims to determine what to trust, using the evidence-based ‘lateral reading’ strategies.

Lessons feature expert-led videos, live web examples and walkthroughs and were designed for students in grades 7 to 12.