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Trace the Information

Trace the Information

Information online often gets used out of context. Sometimes the best move is to track down the original version of a story, quote or image.

Trace the Information
Trace the Information

Where did the information originally come from?

Jane explains how information online can be like a game of 'broken telephone' and demonstrates the importance of locating key context that can get lost in retelling

Skill: Click Through & Find

The common process of ‘re-reporting’ can change information in important ways. Looking for the attribution link in an article, can help fill in those gaps. Learn how using the ‘CTRL+F shortcut’ can help us zero in on the most relevant information

Skill: Check the Date

Mike explains how the simple skill of examining the date on an article can help stop misinformation from spreading

Skill: Search the History of an Image

There are a few ways you can find important information about a photo, such as where else it's been used and if it depicts what is claimed

Test your skills

Is the information that came to you an accurate representation of the story? Try finding your way back to the original source with the examples below