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Investigate the Source

Investigate the Source

It’s not always clear where information online is coming from, or how much it can be trusted. Step one is to identify the source and check out its reputation.

Investigate the Source
Investigate the Source

Who created the information, and why?

Different sources have different motives. If we want to rely on a particular source, it is important to gain some context and understand the purpose behind the message.

Skill: Just Add Wikipedia

When investigating an unfamiliar source, Wikipedia is a helpful first stop. Here, Mike demonstrates how to use Wikipedia to gain context about people, publications and groups.

Skill: Advanced Wikipedia: Bias & Agenda

Does it matter when Wikipedia says a source is 'left-leaning' or 'right-leaning'? Learn why an organization's agenda is more important than its bias

Extra Information: Why Use Wikipedia?

Some people are hesitant to use Wikipedia, but its mixed reputation isn't deserved. Here are some reasons why Wikipedia is a useful tool for doing quick reputation checks

Extra Information: Tips & Tricks for Using Wikipedia

This video reviews the features of a Wikipedia article to help us use it most effectively

Skill: Evaluate Expertise

What is an expert? Why is it that expertise in one area isn't necessarily transferable to another? Mike reviews the concept of domain knowledge and provides some tips to help us decide who to trust on what topics.

Test your skills

Now that you’ve seen how to investigate sources, try it for yourself with the three examples below. Can you determine the credibility of each source?