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Check the Claim: Is Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year ‘rizz?’

SKILL: Check the Claim


SUBJECT(S): Pop Culture

Students will use a keyword search to find that ‘rizz’ was indeed chosen as Oxford’s word of the year.


Oxford University Press selects a word each year thought to “reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance.” This year’s selection came as a surprise to many people who had never heard of 2023’s winner – “rizz.”

Rizz, short for charisma, is a slang that refers to someone’s ability to flirt or attract a potential romantic partner. 

About the Example

It looks like 2023 is going out with a…. rizz?

This tweet from user @Dexerto claims that, “’Rizz’ has been named the 2023 Word of the Year by the Oxford University Press, beating out ‘Swifties,’ ‘Parasocial,’  ‘Beige Flag,’ and “Situationship.’” 

We can use a quick Google keyword search (“rizz word of the year”) to verify this claim. Here we find coverage from news organizations like the BBC, The Guardian and NPR confirming this story.


  1. Show students the tweet, and ask them to identify the claim.
  2. Have students check the claim using a keyword search (“Rizz word of the year”).
  3. Ask students to select the “news” tab at the top of the search results page to filter for news organizations.
  4. Have students click on the BBC article and ask them what they find. Guiding questions:
    • Is the claim mostly true, mostly false or something else? Explain your reasoning.
    • Even when a claim turns out to be true, why might it be useful to trade up to a higher quality source of information to learn more about the story?

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