Fact or Opinion


Learn to tell the difference between facts and opinions

Differentiating fact from opinion is a fundamental information literacy skill. But it’s not always easy, especially since we tend to believe the opinions we agree with are facts. The ‘Fact or Opinion’ online game helps students learn and practice identifying statements of fact and statements of opinion.

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How it works

Step 1: Round 1
Students are presented with a series of 5 statements and they must identify whether it is a fact or an opinion.

Step 2: Level Up

A short video explains the difference between fact and opinion and reviews different guiding questions and signal words to help distinguish between each.

Step 3: Round 2

After learning the tips and tricks, students are given a new round of 10 statements and asked to categorize each one.

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How to tell fact from opinion


Downloads and Links

Fact or Opinion Activity: Go to online activity

Copy link to share with students: https://bit.ly/fact-or-opinion

Lesson Plan: Coming Soon

Slide Deck: Coming Soon