CTRL-F is a project of CIVIX, the people behind the Student Vote parallel election program. Being informed about the issues facing our communities is important part of living in a democracy. This includes knowing how to sort through all the information that comes at us from a wide range of sources. We want to be able to weed out low-quality and unreliable information, and focus on what is trustworthy, so we know we are basing our opinions and actions on the best information available. CTRL-F is designed to help us all build better habits by learning and practicing simple digital literacy techniques that anyone can use.


Are you a teacher?

This site isn’t for you, but we have one that is! Resources on digital information literacy — including more comprehensive activities, assessments and support materials that can be used in conjunction with this site — are available at newsliteracy.ca.

Feel free to contact us for more information at [email protected].